Novita Batik is a local-brand create by Mabrur, the contemporary batik style for active women/men. Novita Batik started clothingline bussines since April 2009. Mabrur Romadhon, fall in love with Batik since graduate from high school, then studied about batik technic and fashion.

Nowadays, Novita Batik consistent create ready to wear collection and expands its business through Indonesia, and International trough online store.

Novita Batik have a desire to lift up Indonesian wastra either Batik or Tenun, trying to apply a touch of Indonesian culture. In consequence, Novita Batik transforms the traditional Batik into a modern, mature and lovely design for everyone who loves and want to start wearing batik for any occasion.

Novita Batik collection is suitable for active and independent professionals who want to appear as an good-looking Indonesian, unique, modern and stylish without ever neglecting their tradition.

Nowadays, Novita Batik offline-product spreads in Jogja, Solo and several town in Sumatera.

Novita Batik House

Jl. Merak Gg. 4A No. 10 Pekalongan
Open monday-saturday : 10am-5pm

Thank you for wearing Novita Batik, hope you like it.

Love Batik, wear Batik.